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Climate change is here. Now. An issue now playing out every day, in countless locations around the world. Its reach is global, with the worst of its consequences being felt most acutely by the global poorest, the most vulnerable, and ultimately, those least able to adapt.

This is a small collection of images collected in recent years from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Tajikistan, highlighting people’s experiences of both the negative effects of climate change in addition to capturing some of the positive steps that are being taken to adapt.



Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray

Lisa is on a mission to tell the stories of those living in the developing world with the rest of the globe. Seeing first-hand the very real implications climate change is having while conducting research across parts of Africa and Asia, she felt compelled to share the experiences of the people she met. This is where her fascination and now the love of photography emerged as it’s a way to give people a voice that can be understood in any language.

Her passion for working in international development began after a trip to Ghana when she was just fourteen and Lisa has spent her adult life completing her studies in International Development and working with numerous NGOs across the world. She thrives on work which connects people and feels the best way to create positive change is by using her skillset to achieve this.

Lisa Murray - Ilustración de Carlos Gallego

Lisa Murray – Ilustración de Carlos Gallego


Junio 14 (Jueves) - Julio 25 (Miércoles)


Alfonso Kiosk Hall

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