We live in a world and at a time in which every day brings talk of “Globalisation” as a euphemism for a greedy and (*) heartless economic model.  Slowly but surely a silent but powerful minority has set about taking control of Economy, Technology, Research, and such basic vital rights as Health, Education, Territory, Energy and Water.  These are the big Multi- and Trans-National corporate entities, backed-up by friendly governments and the almost total control of Information.

They have neither face nor conscience, nor do they allow international organisations to act to impede the suffering of the majority of humanity.  They lose no sleep if the planet burns, if it suffers drought and dries up, if wars are instigated to obtain raw materials, innocent lives are lost, or millions must flee, abandoning their homes and their lands.

The reason was well explained by Rodrigo Rato who was Director General of the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) and vice-president of the Spanish Government under José-Maria Aznar.  “That’s the market, my friend”.

So, how does one face-up to  such a well built structure ?  What can the majority of humanity do to regain control of our planet and of our lives ?  There is only one thing to do, join forces and act. Become conscious of our collective capacity and know when to say “Enough!”.

“Acampa por la Paz y el Derecho a Refugio”  “The Campaign for Peace and The Right to Refuge” was born to work in this direction: unity of action of organizations and citizenry facing up to the exposure by today’s States that leaves families clamouring for an elemental right, the right of refuge.  Peoples fleeing the consequences of the aggressive and inhumane policies of “Big Business”.

In our own interest we must respond as a united front and demand that human rights  be respected throughout our planet. If we permit the violation of the rights of those who come knocking at our door, the next step will be that we will lose our own rights, something that is already happening.

In its second year of existence, The Campaign for Peace and the Right to Refuge wishes to delve deeper into a serious, urgent question that is not recognized by any Government: the Right to Refuge brought on by climate change.

According to the U.N. during the next 30 years, the number of people who will be needing refuge because of climate change is likely to reach somewhere between 250 and 1,000 millions.  The majority will be displaced within their own territory, and a few, those with more assets, can try to move to a different country.

We have options, we can close our eyes, or take the initiative; we can do it right away or wait some time, allowing the situation to become irreversible.  This is the decision we must take on a personal and collective level.

The great majority of organizations (N.G.O.s) and people who agree with the “Campaign” network, are working day after day on the ground and know full well what it is that we are talking about.  With initiatives such as “Campaign for Peace and the Right to Refuge” we are adding our grain of sand, contrasting information, seeking and proposing alternatives, we are adding strength to taking the next step, we need as many hands and consciences as possible.

Acampa 2018

Is a citizens initiative. It is a nonprofit organization, composed of groups of differing backgrounds; social, cultural, educational, neighborhood, political, Trade Unions, artistic, caring people, institutions and businesses with social responsibility.

Has as its objetive the defense of human rights, International Humanitarian Rights and Right to Refuge.

Encourages involvement and participation.

Opens a meeting space to seek answers collectively.

Delves into the causes of events, for contrast and verification purposes.

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Acampa Will host a symbolic “refugee camp” in A Coruña from 14 to 16 of June 2018.

You can participate in Acampa in the different activities that will take place in the camp and during the year.

A Coruña - June 14 to 16, 2018

Right to refuge due to climate change

Here you can see all Acampa 2018 events, exhibitions and activities.

logo Acampa

Is an active social encounter, with participation from the protagonists: victims, NGOs, journalists; we offer projection of films, photography, music, theater, clowns … art events of all kinds.

Also provides guided visits to further understand the environment of a refugee field. To understand the real causes of war.

Who can participate?

Acampa facilitates citizen participation: each person collaborating with their individual energy, skill and opinion with: NGOs, Associations, Political organizations, unions, Institutions, informal groups, companies with Social Responsibility, professional collectives, etc.

How you can actively participate?

If you play music, do theater, photography, film, humor, poetry… or any skill that you would like to participate with, please:


You can assist financially. The funds will be used to support the interests and needs of refugees. Please make payments to this account:

ES46 1491 0001 2530 0007 7549