enero, 2018

Evaluation of the awareness raising event "Acampa 2018 pola Paz e o Dereito ao Refuxio"Cooperation and Volunteering Office, with the support of the teaching staff of the Master's Degree in Social Policies and Sociocommunity Intervention of the University of A Coruña.
Developed by Lorena Boga García.
Tutored by Professor Iria Vázquez Silva (UDC).
Evento anual (2018)

Detalles del evento

Evaluating is a fundamental function when it comes to carrying out a project, especially when we are talking about an awareness project of this magnitude. The main objective that we intend to achieve is to investigate the sensitizing impact of the different activities that are carried out throughout the three days of the event Camp for peace and the right to refuge 2018 on the citizens who approach and participate in them. To achieve this, a mixed methodology will be used using more quantitative data collection techniques such as the survey, and more qualitative techniques such as observation.

Evaluating the impact of an event like this is not easy, because there are many activities that take place in these days and many hands are needed, so teamwork is a fundamental task in this evaluation.

Lorena Boga, supported by the technique of the CPVO Lorena Rilo and the professor of the UDC Iria Vázquez, has the collaboration of a team of young volunteers trained in different disciplines in the social field who will support her in putting these data collection tools into practice. They are Araceli Macías (Social Educator), Helena López (Sociologist), María Alonso (Occupational Therapist), Paola Bermúdez (Social Educator) and Vanessa Míguez (Sociologist), a multi-disciplinary team that can contribute multiple points of view to the evaluation.

With all of this, the aim is to prepare a final report with the data obtained that will allow us to give visibility to the great work that is being done in Acampa, to see to what extent the objectives set are being met, and to collect the opinions and suggestions of the citizens in order to improve year after year.



Lorena Boga García

Lorena Boga

Lorena Boga

She is a social and vocational educator and integrator, passionate about the defense of human rights, the rights of nature and of a dignified life. He is currently studying a Master in Social Policies and Social Community Intervention at the University of A Coruña and is actively coordinating the Awareness and Education for Development project of the Cooperation and Volunteering Office of this university.

It considers education and awareness-raising to be the basis of a critical and committed citizenship.



Evento anual (2018)

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