Katsikas, echoes of an exodus

vie15jun17:0017:00 Katsikas, echoes of an exodusBy Rodrigo Vázquez - Documentary screening 46' - Presented by Rodrigo VázquezAudiovisual Tent

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Katsikas, Ecos dun éxodo

Film director Rodrigo Vázquez, produced by FILMANDRIL. Length: 46 min.

SYNOPSIS: A “refugee” camp in Katsikas, Greece, is the setting for this criticism of the global management of a people fleeing war and devastation in Syria. Through the testimony of some of its inhabitants, we will know the drama that these people are suffering and we will understand that they are people like us: with a name, a family, a house, a trade. People who lost everything in a war nobody wants. People who run away to try to guarantee their children a future.

The opinions reflected in this documentary, absolutely free, outline in a crude way that abandonment to which, with our indifference, we subject them day by day. They are personal testimonies, some of them with their backs turned and their voices deformed by the fear that still grips them: the relentless ghost of war that haunts every inhabitant of this camp.

Presented by Rodrigo Vázquez, film director

Organized by ONG A.I.R.E.



Rodrigo Vázquez (Harry)

Rodrigo Vázquez

Rodrigo Vázquez (Harry)


(Viernes) 17:00


Audiovisual Tent

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